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We say that with confidence having built a reputation working all sorts of complex cases relating to sex abuse therapy, including sex addiction and betrayal trauma.

Having worked with soldiers who’ve tortured their captives, with pedophiles, and with children sold into the sex trade, you can trust that we will be even-keeled in the face of your challenges.

Whatever it is you’re going through… it won’t shock us.

We care about our clients by respecting their time.


This also means we will address your situation with more speed and tact. 

You are definitely within our scope of practice.

We know that you have important issues, and they’re urgent.

We customize every treatment plan specific to you – your personality, temperament, situation, and relationships to ensure speed of impact in your life and depth of change for lasting results.

…begin to identify from where their problems originate and begin to gain control over their lives.

It is our passion to zero in on the core issues that have led to your current struggles as a sex addict or betrayed partner in an effort to positively change your situation for the long-term.

This increased control will not only reduce or eliminate the problematic behaviour or trauma felt, but you will experience a total life transformation. This will become evident through higher relationship quality, increased work productivity, increased physical health, and actualized potential in all the different roles that you play.

Not only will you have loving relationships that are stable and safe, we'll help you finally become the person you have always wanted to be.

We take great pleasure when clients…

sex abuse therapy

Getting you the best, fastest outcome…

We are skilled in many methods of sex abuse therapy.

Our ability to use the right tool at the right time is our critical success factor.

You will put the work in, as will we –

and we will build the life that you always wanted, together.


You are ready... let go of your ongoing hopelessness, powerlessness, and frustration,

and engage in a therapeutic process that is tailored for you.

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