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The sexual behaviour isn’t what determines whether you have a sexual addiction.

It is about the extent that sex is used or misused, like when:

  • Sex is used to either numb or distract from feelings of anger and sadness

  • Sex is used to feel something because you feel little otherwise

  • Sex is non-consensual

  • You behave sexually online but not with your partner

  • Sex does not happen when we want it to but because we feel like we must

  • Trading sex to gain power, to get your way, or to avoid a fight or consequence

  • When sex is limited to only a discussion on pleasure

Am I Sex Addict?

sex addiction quiz

You want help but don’t want a label attached to you.

No label will be put on you if you take our sex addiction quiz – you will simply learn terminology to access appropriate help.

Discovering that you have a pattern of sex addiction behaviour does not mean that you will have a life-long problem or that you are an addict worthy of judgment.

You need to know more about yourself… that you can receive the appropriate help.

We can help you, regardless of the results of this sex addiction quiz.

Using sex to distract from your pain?

We can help you move past your wounds.

Using sex to feel alive?

We can help you grow your emotional experience in other parts of life.

Compromised consent and sexual desire overpowering you?

We can help you regulate your sexual impulses and use them with the right people.

Treating yourself like a sex object to be used for personal gain or pain aversion?

We can help you stop weaponizing your sexual self and to be focused on using sex for connection, love, and pleasure.

Why keep barking up the wrong tree or keep lying to yourself about the extent of your problems? Take the first step by taking our sex addiction quiz

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