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We are recognized as the Best Therapy Practice in Canada and we want people who are talented but not necessarily formally trained.


Who you are: 

  • Anti-woke and anti-cancel culture. 

  • Smart, a quick learner and believe that you can make a difference in people’s lives.

  • Highly competent or willing to become highly skilled in the field of sexual addiction, sexual trauma and dissociation.

  • You are strong in character, able to express yourself and be capable of seeing the big picture.

  • You are self-aware, confident in yourself and your abilities. It takes a lot to shock you. 

  • You are quick on your feet and relish a challenge.

  • Your life is in order. 

  • You are looking to work with a group of dedicated professionals to support your work and growth, and have fun while doing it. 

  • You are growth oriented, always looking to learn and put your skills to use.

  • You have a stable life because we do not wish to counsel our therapists.

  • This is a family practice opened by Peter Stathakos and his wife - accordingly, this practice is seeking people who can work within a team. 

  • We are not a social service or government operated agency. You are someone who is at least a little frustrated with poor social service agency results and want to work in a better environment.

Who we are:

  • We are a professional service firm specialising in the practice of psychotherapy - and are known in the industry for sexual, relationship and addiction challenges facing individuals, couples and families. 

  • We are unconventional. Our environment is loud, funny and breaks the mould of a traditional psychotherapy practice by sharing our personality in sessions, with clients, with stakeholders, and each other.

  • We are recognized as the Best Therapy Practice in Canada and work to maintain our standing and expand by helping more people.

  • We are an anti-woke and anti-cancel culture agency. We actually value diversity.

  • We are driven by results, first and foremost, and thrive when challenged both personally and personally.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Work closely within a small team of dedicated therapists to directly deliver psychotherapy services (therapy sessions and assessments) to our clients

  • We expect you to carry a caseload of 15-25 direct client hours per week either online or in person (or a combination of the two)

  • Participate in team meetings and offer support to the team and assist in the development of new client services, workshops and materials

  • You will set your own schedule within the scope of the firm and our client base.

  • We expect you to take personal and professional risks and to reap the benefits and learning therein.

  • Knowledge of and capacity to utilize advanced therapeutic techniques  

  • Will be reporting to Peter Stathakos, Clinical Director


All levels of education and experience are welcome. 

  • Formal Education is ‘good’ but may not be sufficient - but a Master’s Degree in a relevant field could help.

  • Significant knowledge of advanced therapeutic techniques would also strengthen your application - CBT therapists are under-qualified.

  • Capable of differentiating between short, medium and long term cases and developing an appropriate treatment plan.

  • Can quickly identify core underlying problems.

  • Can read people quickly, accurately and deeply is an important skill set.

  • Can show or describe situations where you have had a positive impact 


Clinical experience within a relevant client population is preferred.

Compensation to be discussed based on clinical experience / how good we perceive your capacity is for effecting change with our client base.


Please send your CV and a cover letter answering the questions below to

  • Why us? Why now?

  • How do you improve your skills? How did you put it into practice?

  • What issues within the client population are you trying to address? Why and how?

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