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The pain you fail to transform, you will only transmit.


Small Clergy Support Group (8-Week Virtual)


Do you feel the weight of constantly putting other people first?


Are you discouraged because the people at your church look up to you but your family does not? 


Do you feel isolated because your spiritual father is also your boss, and you fear that if he knew how you felt, that you might be rejected or punished?


If you have responded yes to one or more of these questions, then this small clergy support group is for you.


What to Expect

Date: Starting the first week of July, 2022 

Time: Meeting virtually once a week in the AM

This clergy support group is intended to create a platform for you to show up and share your full self in the presence of others.  In this shared space, with other clergy and a professional therapist, we will focus on transforming your pain into healthy boundaries, healing some of the shame that binds you to your destructive patterns, rebuilding relationships with others that are suffering, and assist in empowering yourself to see yourself more clearly and embrace who you were created to be in the deepest sense.


To register:

Call, text, or email me at:

437-800-8860 /

Not ready to share in a group?

I offer individual therapy sessions as well.

Call, text, or email me to get started.

437-800-8860 /

Bible Lessons

About the Facilitator

Hi, I am Fr. Dn. Peter Stathakos  - yes, ordained and a psychotherapist.


I have always believed that Churches dedicate plenty of time forming men to be clergy, but once they are ordained, they treat clergy like a finished product.


Clergy are human beings and are never a finished product. We all need on-going formation, space for self, and emotional support to keep us at our peak.  


Unfortunately, clergy tend to neglect themselves and, in turn, their families.


This is dangerous for any leader, but especially so for clergy. 


A Special Set of Skills

Like you, I am unfinished business. However, I have dedicated my life to the ministry of human and relationship growth. I also happen to know my faith. 

What makes me an expert?

  •  Master of Divinity from Holy Cross School of Theology

  • Certifications in sex addiction and multiple addiction treatment 

  • Training in healing organized abuse and disociation in human trafficked children and adults, and their perpetrators

  • I've consulted on allegations made to various religious dioceses

  • I've co-constructed the Master of Divinity – Orthodox Christian Studies program at the University of Toronto

  • I am ordained within my own faith tradition.


When I am Not Working

I love playing sports, especially hockey, but I hate exercise!

I also like cooking and gardening – but my spouse insists that I am good at neither.

Someday, I’d like to try my hand at stand-up comedy – having done improv in my younger days.

For now, though, making beer and wine at home will suffice.

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