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Our fees are dependent upon you…






cost of sex addict therapy

…upon your specific situation and the therapist that is best suited to your needs.

We are excellent at what we do and that is a direct result  of the fact that we are focused on treating issues at their core. We take extreme care to build a meaningful and customized treatment plan for each and every individual who seeks our care.

We care deeply about you and your outcome…

…and so we dedicate ourselves to creating the right plan for you.

We take a considerable amount of time to assess your intake form, take information from the intro calls, and match your needs to the appropriate treatment methods and therapist. Our outcomes are consistently above industry averages time and time again. We care deeply about your outcome and we are here to help.

Individual Sessions:

Fees range from $250-$450/hour session.

On average, clients pay $350/hour session.


Couples Sessions:

Fees range from $350-$550/hour session.

On average, couples pay $450/hour session.

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