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Desert Road

8-Week Online Men's Group Therapy Experience


Do you feel the weight of constantly putting other people first?


Are you discouraged because others look up to you but you know they would think differently about you if they knew your secrets?

Do you feel isolated because you don't have other men in your life who you can speak to about real issues in an honest and vulnerable way?


If you have responded yes to one or more of these questions, then this small group is for you.


What to Expect

This online men's group therapy is intended to create a platform for you to show up and share your full self in the presence of others.  In this shared space, with other supportive men and a professional therapist, we will focus on transforming your pain into healthy boundaries, healing some of the shame that binds you to your destructive patterns, rebuilding relationships with others that are suffering, and empowering you to see yourself more clearly. It's time to embrace who you were created to be in the deepest sense.

To Register

Call, text, or email us at:


Not ready to share in a group?

We offer individual therapy sessions as well.

Call, text, or email me to get started.


online men's group therapy
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