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Can we put the pieces back together?

You are now distant from each other.

Searching for answers from each other but knowing that it will only cause another fight.

Wanting to connect, but the things that you used to enjoy together aren’t fun anymore.

Trying to do the things you know will help you find peace, but any attempt at self-care results in accusations that you are neglectful.


Desiring closeness, but the more you force it, the further apart you become.

Feeling stuck because a part of you wants it to work and another part wonders if it’s just better to walk away.


All you know is that something needs to change.


But you deeply want this relationship to work.

You remember the vision you shared together on the day that you committed to each other.

You have a history of moments that were filled with joy and have built a life together.

You may have property together, children together, and make sacrifices for one another.

Investing in effective affair therapy for your relationship is another meaningful action that you want to take for the betterment of your life together.


The time for help is now…


Because you want help now.

Because you don't want to be held hostage by your relationship.

Because you want to flourish within it and beyond it.

Because living a constant silent sadness won’t just go away with time.

The time to take action to save your relationship is now.


How can we help?

We offer customized couples therapy and specific affair therapy to those who are motivated to address the root causes of their relationship issues.


Our action plan will be to quickly identify the unhealthy ways that you are trying to control your situation and transform this anger into constructive, empathetic, and vulnerable actions rooted in love.

It is possible for you to have a better relationship than you ever had after facing sex addiction. Together, we can help you experience the love you have for each other that is buried beneath all the hurt.

affair therapy
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