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Save money and time...

We understand that you are investing in yourself, your relationships, and your quality of life when you are working with us, and we take this very seriously. 

Seeking cheaper alternatives will only result in poorer outcomes. It will result in deep dissatisfaction, more hopelessness, and so much time, money, and effort wasted.

best therapy results engaging in highly effective therapy with higher skilled therapists.

Effective therapy saves both your money and your life. We'll get you the results you're looking for.

Some simple stats demonstrate why working with us generates the best therapy results

Sex Addiction Stats

  • We treat sex and love addiction in half the time of the average Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

  • Certified therapists average 3-5 years of therapy with their clients and recommend 12-step meetings for life thereafter. We average half the time and no 12-step work because build a customized plan and use customized techniques catered to your specific needs.

Couples Counselling Stats:

  • We’ve only had six of 300+ relationships end in our care, which is remarkable considering the high volume of affairs, addictions, and betrayals in the population we serve.

Sexual Rehabilitation Stats:

  • According to the Toronto Parole Board, none of the sex offenders we’ve treated have re-offended.

  • On average, 30% of sex offenders re-offend according to the Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers.

Extreme Trauma Treatment Results:

  • A core value of our practise is to be part of a small group of therapists worldwide whose calling is to heal the unimaginable.

  • We have experience successfully re-associating child and adult victims of extreme torture, ritual abuse, mind control, and human trafficking.

  • We do this by supporting survivors of extreme cruelty by re-integrating parts of self so that they experience themselves as whole again.

  • We’ve successfully treated the most complex cases of PTSD with former members of the American and Canadian military. We've worked with soldiers who have experience on the front lines, interrogation rooms, and in executing special operations, and we've successfully supported them in returning to functional living in normal society.


You will not be the most complex case that we will see.

Less Extreme Stats:

  • Regular situations account for 50% of our clients. We say this because you don’t have to be extreme to come here and achieve the best therapy results possible.

  • Regular situations are easily inside our scope of practice.

You are ready for this.

The time is now to chase after the life you want for yourself. 

You are ready.

We are here to help.

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