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You are ready. The time is now.

Porn Addicted. Cheating. Distressed.

“I left my phone on the table, when I returned – I could tell by the look on their face that they knew.”

“I can’t stop my searching. I even build it into my day. That is how I’ve controlled it.”


“I told myself that I wouldn’t let it get this far – now I’m stuck and whatever I do now will hurt people – and there is no empathy for me.”

sex addiction help

You’re living a double life.

Fearful, because if the ones who trust you knew what you were up to, they’d break all ties with you.

Confused, because you’ve tried solving your addiction alone, or sought sex addiction help with other professionals or programs, but nothing has worked.

Powerless, because it gets worse with every broken promise, with every shame-filled hidden action.

Frustrated, because you suffer – and those you care about will suffer if you don’t get help.

There are few things in life more terrifying than losing control…

…and losing everything and everyone that you hold dear.

You have risked losing the person you love, access to children, friendships, your job, the loss of financial stability, and comfort of living that you currently possess.


You know that it was not worth the risk, yet you did it and possibly continue to do it right now.


If you don’t have that much to lose, it is possible that your sexual addiction is preventing you from having the quality of life you want.


It is shocking to discover the negative impact of our actions on others and ourselves – and for now, all you can offer are promises that even you don’t fully believe.

Desperate for change…

Sex addiction is ruining your life. It is a betrayal of your values and commitments to the ones you love. You want to gain control over your destructive behaviour so that it never returns. You wonder, “Am I beyond help?”

It’s not easy taking the first, or 50th step, to find solutions.

But you can rebuild parts of yourself that were fractured because of your choices.

You can thrive in all the commitments you have to a partner, family, friends, work – and, most importantly, to yourself.

sex addiction help

You deserve the best sex addiction help…

… and it’s available.

You've come to the right place.

You deserve customized, you-focused, effective care.

You’re a unique person with specific needs,

so a cookie-cutter 12-Step program just isn’t enough sex addiction help. 

You need a customized treatment plan that properly matches your situation, temperament, and personality.

We will identify the most efficient method to implement that will lead to the fastest, deepest change. Our knowledge and experience coupled with our ability to psychoanalyze and read people makes the therapy process so much easier.


We tailor our methods to your needs.

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