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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

As an employer, it is difficult to know what to do when…

An employee is watching pornography on workplace devices.

Staff members are arranging sexual encounters through apps and websites.

The partner of an employee discovers a workplace affair.

One employee is blackmailing another with information about their sex life.

What is the scope of your responsibility?

I am here to help.

You need to prevent, protect, and support your staff.

…against workplace abuses, criminal charges, and potential lawsuits.

You must also help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace from happening.

You are expected to know what to do to help both the victim and perpetrator.


Whether it is using company technology inappropriately, emotional affairs, sexual assaults, sexual harassments and/or sexual abuse, HR Departments are not equipped to handle the complexity and severity of these issues. And they are on the rise.


Yet, employers are expected to provide the appropriate support to all employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour is a growing issue for businesses.

I, Peter, am the only therapist that has received a business degree from the Schulich of Business. 

I have trained my team to speak your corporate language, identify with your industry and staff, and integrate our unique skills to the needs of your company. We can help with all aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace. We can help you foster appropriate workplace conduct, deal with complex work situations, and reduce potential liabilities.

resolving sexual harrassment in the workplace

You’re here because you need help creating safe, productive, and supportive workplaces. 

We offer:

  • Customized support to specific situations

  • Presentations that will target your particular organizational structure

  • Workshops for all staff, which addresses the needs of a select team or isolated group of people

  • Workplace mental health presentations

  • Direct intervention strategies

We use:

  • Interactive emotional processing

  • Group therapy skills for the purposes of team re-building (connection and empathy)

  • Tangible action plans to remedy the issues at hand


Our individual therapy skills will be highlighted in smaller situations, as we collaboratively support all parties involved and properly determine who is responsible for what in the given situation.

If you are ready to improve the experience of your staff, support their emotional wellbeing, and reduce the risks that your company is under, give us a call.

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