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How easily this happens...


A cleric feeling lonely and unappreciated seeks out coffee with a parishioner using the mask of spiritual counsel as his motivation…

A parishioner who seeks comfort from God sees their religious leader as a guide and mentor, and relishes the opportunity to get a one-on-one meeting…

All it takes is one false step, one inappropriate glance, a hug that lasts too long, and it becomes difficult for the parishioner to reject an access point to God...

This all too common scenario does not sound so bad at first… until we look at the grooming process; the use of a collar to access vulnerable people, the vulnerable person having compromised consent in the face of an agent or man/woman of God...

When a cleric compromises the sexual and romantic consent of their parishioners or spiritual children, the damage is widespread and everyone needs answers.


Let's discover them together.

clerical abuse help

I, Peter, am the only ordained expert in the field.

What makes me an expert?

  • Master of Divinity from Holy Cross School of Theology

  • Certifications in sex addiction and multiple addiction treatment 

  • Training in healing organized abuse and disociation in human trafficked children and adults, and their perpetrators

  • I've consulted on allegations made to various religious dioceses

  • I've co-constructed the Master of Divinity – Orthodox Christian Studies program at the University of Toronto

  • I am ordained within my own faith tradition.

clerical abuse help, therapist peter stathakos

I am well positioned to understand not only different notions and beliefs about God, but the inner working of a religious institution as well. I am well equipped to support survivors, clergy, community members, and the Archdiocese. Having first-hand experience with clerical abuse help gives me a unique understanding of a topic that can be kept very well-concealed.

The system is broken. It's time to fix it.

You’re ready to find healing and freedom, and reduce the risk that your community is under.

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