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Hi, I'm Lani Singer, MSW, CPTT
Certified Partner Trauma Therapist

partner trauma therapy

As a daughter of therapist, growing up I wanted to be a chocolatier!

Not because I particularly love chocolate (I actually prefer savoury), but I loved the idea of making something from scratch, with my hands, that would make people happy. Sadly, the happy chocolate feeling does not last.  

I realized that I wanted to replace that fleeting feeling of “happy”, with the ability to allow space for others to really understand themselves to the fullest extent. The desire for creating lasting happiness translated into pursuing a path in therapy. 

A special set of skills…

I bring a special set of skills to partner trauma therapy. I can talk or I can not talk. I’m skilled in creating a warm and safe environment in the therapy room, because I really listen and I’m here to hold space for you. It is from that space that we can journey deeper and use my skills to empower you into reclaiming or becoming who you are. 

When I’m not doing partner trauma therapy…

I’m out and about with my partner and our Aussie Shepherd.
I’m absolutely a foodie! Whether it’s trying new recipes or new restaurants…at this point I’ve perfected my sourdough recipe with a lot of delicious trial and errors along the way - what a beautiful metaphor for life!

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